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Why Study Arts at U of G?

It’s that wonderful time of year when I start getting messages from people whose children are deciding where to go to university and I get to talk about what is so special about studying arts at U of G.

Buckle up! These are my top 10 reasons!

  1. Programs, programs, programs! From traditional humanities disciplines such as Philosophy, Classics (Greek, Latin, Mythology), History, and English Literature, to the creative arts such as Music, Theatre, and Studio Art, to our exciting new interdisciplinary programs such as Sexualities, Genders and Social Change, Black Canadian Studies, and Culture and Technology Studies, we’ve got so many inspiring undergraduate programs. And I haven’t even mentioned all of the languages we teach, the Creative Writing courses we offer, and the fantastic Art History opening your eyes to all kinds of seeing and knowing. Just explore! https://www.uoguelph.ca/arts/ba.
  2. Size matters! We’re a small arts college on a comprehensive university campus. Small means professors, graduate students, and undergraduates all work together and get to know one another. The College of Arts is located in the centre of the University of Guelph, which is a university offering such a wide range of programs across the sciences and the social sciences, engineering, agriculture, veterinary science, and business. The College of Arts at the University of Guelph offers the best of all worlds: (a) the small liberal arts college experience – that experience that teaches you how to form compelling arguments, communicate well, and approach complex problems with honed critical thinking – with (b) the big, wide university world all around us. It’s a unique and exciting combination.
  3. Arts or Science? How about both! You don’t need to choose since one of our most popular programs is the Bachelor of Arts and Science. At the University of Guelph the BAS allows you to study the arts and the sciences at the same time! You specialize in one science and one arts subject, allowing you to become confident in both areas of study. Your core arts and science courses (ASCI), teach you to connect both disciplines to take on complex societal issues and mobilize your knowledge. See https://www.uoguelph.ca/bas/.
  4. Why arts at Guelph? Because you want to #ImproveLife. The university’s motto, Improve Life, captures the heart of what it is we aim for with research, teaching, and experiential learning. Knowledge isn’t just an abstract thing at the University of Guelph. We’re working to make the world a better place through our research about the environment, about health, about sustainable business practices. That’s true for us too in the College of Arts. Arts also #ImprovesLife! See https://twitter.com/uog_arts.
  5. Faculty, faculty, faculty! There are so many brilliant faculty members in the College of Arts. You can see for yourself. Take a few minutes and browse our lists of College of Arts faculty members. They’re not just research leaders, creative innovators, teaching award winners, passionate about your student experience here at the College. In fact, we are home to some of the best teachers the University of Guelph has to offer. See https://www.uoguelph.ca/arts/people.
  6. We offer a fully online BA. Even before the pandemic we’d recognized the need for a 3 year fully online General Bachelor of Arts. This degree provides you access to a range of subjects across the humanities and social sciences. This online degree can help you advance your career or pursue further study. You will learn all those critical thinking, communication, research evaluation, and intercultural awareness skills.  These online courses are delivered asynchronously, which means you, your classmates, and the instructor work on course activities at different times based on your individual schedules. The existence of the online BA means that there are a variety of fully online offerings available to students who are primarily on campus too. See https://www.uoguelph.ca/programs/bachelor-of-arts-general-fully-online.
  7. You want a great education and then you want to get a good job! Some universities act like life after graduation is a thing you plan on your own. Here, in the College of Arts, we have co-op options in some of our degree programs, we have College of Arts specific career counselling, and we’ve launched the Guelph Arts Apprenticeship Program. Our students have bright futures and we’re excited to be part of helping you make your future happen. Check out collaborations between the College of Arts and the Experiential Learning Hub, https://www.uoguelph.ca/arts/careers.
  8. The ARC! The Arts Research Centre. The University of Guelph is transforming the North Wing of the MacKinnon Building into a state-of-the-art centre for the performing arts. This physical transformation will result in a 140-seat black-box theatre, a 152-seat recital hall, and a new 160-seat performance lab for research in improvisation. The labs and performance spaces will give make performance dreams a reality, giving you access to cutting edge facilities and serving as the cultural heart of the community.  Open to students in Fall 2022! https://www.uoguelph.ca/arts/mcknreno.
  9. Location, location, location. We’re a great university in a great city, with excellent town-gown relations. Guelph is the perfect size for students to explore and make their first home away from home in. Guelph is a very cool small city with a strong environmental values and lots of independent businesses. It’s also an express bus or train away from all of the arts, culture, and music in the big city nearby. There is easy access to an international airport and direct flights to many locations across Canada.
  10. Finally, our students are our best ambassadors. They will tell you that there’s something special in the air at the University of Guelph. They report just a sense of delight to be part of the College of Arts community and they’re engaged with both their academic endeavours and their community. I’ve visited a lot of universities across Canada, the United States, Europe, the UK, Australia and New Zealand. I’m not at all partial when I say that our Guelph students are a special bunch! With so many clubs and activities on and off campus, Guelph undergraduate students are at the heart and soul of College life.

And then there is one bonus reason, FOOD! It continues to surprise me how delicious the food on campus is. As a vegetarian, I have choices everywhere on campus. Guelph also leads the way in crafting those critical aspects of every diet, including honey, hot sauce, and ice cream. Yum!

Let me welcome you to the College of Arts at Guelph. We can’t wait to see you!

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