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Welcome back students!

We are excited to welcome you – or welcome you back – to the University of Guelph and to the College of Arts! I’m pleased to let you know that we are looking forward to safe in person activities of all kinds.  For your information, I’m sending along some details about how things will look this fall.

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Visiting campus on a sunny Sunday and thoughts about returning

Last week I needed to be in my office on Wednesday and it was the first time I'd been on campus since the "stay at home" orders began. Of course, I was out of the habit of "going to work" and arrived in boots, swapped to shoes, and then left at the end of the day in my shoes. My adult kids tease me about finally becoming an absent minded professor. They also blame it on keeping track of so many things at once, #deanbrain. This necessitated a follow up trip to campus to rescue my boots. (And yes, I remembered to fill out the U of G Covid-19 screening form.)

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Statement of Solidarity with Our Black Students

I am writing as Dean, and also as a white, educated woman, a settler in Canada. There are times when the privilege I possess goes undetected by me. There are also times when it does not and events compel a distressing and crucial awareness of the role race plays in one’s experience when dealing with the police, with the university community, and with strangers online. I am speaking out in response to recent high-profile instances of anti-Black racism that we have seen at the University of Guelph locally and, more broadly, to the wider climate. I recognize that I am responding as a person who does not know from firsthand experience the level of pain and fear that are inflicted by such incidents. 

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Dean’s Log, Stardate 3/19/2020


I'm blogging regularly these days now that we are all #WorkingFromHome, or #WFH. When I first posted I was working at the dining room table. Since then there have been some family discussions and some moving of furniture. I've acquired a makeshift desk in our back room. Check out the photo below. I was heartened to see that even our Prime Minister is making do in a home office, even though his is nicer than mine.

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