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Masking as caring for our community members

I’ve been thinking about the University’s mask mandate ending on May 1st and today I reached out by email to the College of Arts, to encourage us to continue the practice of masking in indoor, public spaces for a while longer. 

We are seeing increasing covid numbers and wearing a mask is an easy and effective courtesy that we can show each other. Even though we stay home when sick, asymptotic infection is common and there are vulnerable members in our circles who need our protection. So, as a caring, collaborative community I hope we’ll continue to wear masks when working inside even though there is no longer a university requirement to do so. This is especially true for those of us working near others such as those engaged in Theatre and Music and sharing office space. Please, let’s pay special attention to masking as a pro-social behavior in our own COA spaces such as Zavitz, MacKinnon, Massey etc.

While in the Dean’s office we will continue to mask outside our offices, obviously, this isn’t a requirement, a rule, or an edict.  I’m expressing my hope that our community will continue to wear masks during this latest wave of the pandemic. There is no discipline associated with not wearing a mask.

I look forward to the time when we are not all wearing masks at work, but we do not seem to be there yet. I’m also looking forward to seeing you at the College picnic on May 17th where I’ll be unmasked (because outside) but if you choose to wear a mask there too, that’s a choice I hope you will feel supported in.

Not these kinds of masks!
Photo by Llanydd Lloyd on Unsplash.
He writes, “Shot this through a shop window in Barcelona. They had marvellous masks on display and the chaotic arrangement fascinated me.”

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